Harold David - A Flight On Borrowed Time 2021

Harold David | A Flight On Borrowed Time, 2021
Mixed media on canvas
140 cm by 235 cm
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Arts accountancy for creative industries & businesses

If you have a professional artistic practice then you are running a business. The more successful you become, the more important specialised tax advice will be for you. Michael can assist you with:

  • setting up companies, trusts and superannuation funds
  • monitoring financial performance and ensuring you do not pay too much tax
  • giving you advice as to when you should register for GST

Michael’s specialisation in tax matters for Artistic Industries means he is knowledgeable about tax issues that affect his clients including, but not limited to:

  • Cultural Gifts program
  • Artwork Investment Incentive Schemes
  • Classification
  • Resale Royalties
  • Superannuation changes
  • Copyright
  • Artist Averaging Scheme