Esther Erlich Knave, 2020

Esther Erlich | Knave, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
122 cm by 122 cm
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Fine art valuation & appraisals for art collectors

Under taxation law, establishing the value of an artwork may be required for the purposes of insurance, matrimonial and estate planning, or to transfer an artwork from one entity to another.

As the concepts of market and realisable value are distinct, it is important to ensure that when a valuation report is written, the correct methodology is used otherwise the report may be deemed invalid.

Compliant with the SIS Act, Michael has developed a unique valuation report which allows an SMSF to transfer artworks to its members, and may provide other taxation benefits to its members.

Michael’s expertise on superannuation art law can assist you with:

  • Superannuation fund valuations to enable the transfer of artworks to members
  • Auction appraisals
  • Advice on buying and selling at auction