Overview of the 2016 Federal Budget

By Michael Fox on 23/5/2016 in Company tax, Valuation, Family trusts, Innovation, Federal budget, Negative gearing, Resale royalties, GST, Artists, Superannuation, Super art, Taxation of the arts industries

The government was elected in 2013 without an arts policy and it has run an almost full term without being able to enunciate one. In the Tony Abbott era, no direct tax measures for the arts were announced and the model of peer-reviewed grants funding, based on the 2002 Myer Report, endorsed by John Howard and supported by the Rudd-Gillard administrations, was overturned. T...

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There has never been a more exciting time not to be an employee

By Michael Fox on 20/4/2016 in Car expenses, Non-commercial losses, Federal budget, Negative gearing, Resale royalties, Company tax, Artists, Superannuation

The Federal Budget is less than a month from being announced, however it is becoming apparent the policy direction of the Turnbull government is moving towards granting tax concessions to business at the expense of time-honoured employee tax deduction rights. 2016 has already witnessed unruly speculation over broadening the base and/or rate of the GST; changes to the neg...

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‘Backpacker Tax’ employer registration deadline 31 January now imminent

By Michael Fox on 24/1/2017 in Federal budget, Superannuation

back packer tax ...

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5 tax tips for serious art collectors

By Michael Fox on 3/5/2017 in Depreciation, Federal budget, Super art, Artwork tax deduction

5 tax tips for serious art collectors ...

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